Monday, March 1, 2010

some more pics..

Ok, its almost been a 6 month hiatus for me..but what a better time to revive my blog than its 1st this time i leave you with some more pics of mumbai..will be coming up with a post soon..

This one's from Navy nagar, across the sea from marine drive..

Haji Ali seaface on a calm monsoon evening

Nehru Science Centre

Juhu beach

University clock tower near Flora Fountain


  1. great pics..they have a sense of calm abou them :) thanks and have a great week ahead!

  2. beautiful da city actually dis clean??...

  3. @ Sana: Thnks for ur comments.. u too hav a gr8 week ahead :)

    @ Ruchi : no, not really..but it does seem very clean in the monsoon..when the rain washes away all the dirt n grime

  4. Great pics yaar....uve turned into a photographer... :)

  5. Ya..i was always fond of nature photogrpahy..jst need a bttr camera thn my 1.3 mp one..