Monday, December 8, 2014

Its Happened Again in the "rape capital"

Well, it’s happened again, the city I call home has become another shameful trendsetter and given critics another stick to beat it with.  It’s shocking that these events are happening with such an eerie regularity, each time we think that the city has become safer with all the police deployment and women’s coaches and cab services, an event like this occurs and shakes us out of our utopian reverie, again reinforcing the fact that the “rape capital” of India has men with a sick mentality, and nothing’s going to change until that mentality is uprooted from its base.

So this time it’s happened in a Uber cab, one of those shiny new taxi services that were ostentatiously safe, GPS equipped and having polished drivers who earn upwards of Rs.20,000 per month. And what is the response of the Delhi Government, if you can’t control them, BAN them. Well, knee jerk reactions certainly aren’t going to cure the malignancy within, this time its Uber, next it could be Ola, Meru, Easycabs, what will they do then, ban them all, why not ban DTC buses too, and Autos, sure, women are safer walking on the street then using public transport, aren’t they?

And then I hear this talk of the woman being drunk and falling asleep, so what!! Does that justify this heinous crime, do drunk women have “rape me” written on them? Don’t we men take taxis when we are drunk after a party? Yes she should have not fallen asleep and taken a friend along, but that isn’t an excuse for viewing the crime in a lesser light. This is the same mentality that makes policemen not register FIR’s of rape victims who according to them are not “decently dressed”, hence inviting the crime.