Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ah.. Monsoon

Well, it’s that time of the year again, when the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and sometimes hides in such a place that it cannot be found for days together, and the wind blows with a manic zeal, refreshing everyone in its path and the rain … the rain gushes down in such torrents that it washes away all the heat and dust of the summer.

The monsoon is my favourite season. No matter where I am, it never ceases to thrill, amaze and take my breath away. Although Mumbai’s monsoon can be quite chaotic with its dirt and water logging and slush.( Who can forget the horror of 26th July, 2005, where thousands of people, including me became refugees in their own city), it’s still a welcome respite from the heat and humidity of the summer. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air after spending several months in an underground, sweaty furnace.

Some of the sights and sounds of the monsoon that enthrall me…

The pitter patter of the rain falling on the roof

The sweet smell of wet mud,

The bolt of lightning that suddenly and brilliantly lights up an eerily dark night,

The gusts of cool wind that hit you in the face while on the move,

The (very rare occurrence in Mumbai) rainbow that brightens up the overcast sky,

The transparent droplets of rain on the leaves,


Umbrellas In all hues and colours,

Tiny droplets of water clouding my spectacles when I walk in the rain,

Clouds streaking across the sky in their myriad shapes and textures,

The veil of mist that shrouds the sea and the hills,

Vehicles speeding down the Highway, leaving behind a plume of water and mist in their wake,

A sudden downpour that typically occurs after a sunny patch and catches everyone unawares and umbrella less..

There must be many more, these are the only ones i can think of right now.

Do tell me what you guys think about the rainy season, do u love it as much as i do or completely detest it??


  1. I absolutely agree with you....simply love the ready to bear with the traffic jams and the dirt....its all WORTH IT. Just the weather makes me feel positive and enthu abt generally everything......
    In sweltering hot mumbai...its a blessing. We culdnt do without it

  2. I simply love monsoon...Infact it raining cats n dogs rite nw...D sound itself excites me..
    D smell of d mud so pure n true.when d rains come suddenly aftr a scorching heat it amazes me dat hw each n everything in d nature changes around us...the fresh flowers n leaves,cold,moist soothin air.. Oh its so romantic dat I love it alone as well..
    For me a perfect scene is me rains,dance and a rosted Corn...too awesome....
    I hate traffic jams though sope if my destination is within 2 kms..i prefer walking during rains...mud n dirt can b washd off... :)

  3. True, its the most romantic time, monsoon. And havin hot tea and pakoras at home..its simply a wonderful feelin..

  4. Hey Praseem..we're still waiting for the monsoons here in Delhi :( Its burng hot..but your post was absolutely refreshing!
    If not the monsoon then a refreshing post will do !great job!Keep up!

  5. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, Sana. Love your positive attitude!!
    Being from Delhi i know how frustrating the summer is and how much delhiites pine for the monsoon after a scorching hot summer. Hopefully, the wait will be over soon

  6. A very timely post on you blog, I must admit. You have successfully captured the monsoon magic. We share similar sentiments and experiences (i wear spectacles too :)).

    I would like to add to what you wrote, by saying that monsoons brings out all the romance in the world. Yes indeed.

  7. to use my talent for eloquence:

    too little rain-humid n putrid

    too much rain- well, enough said....

    so, gimme just the right amt of periodic rainfall, i honestly agree, that there's no better weather.

    gotta love the clouds and the dark skies...and the cool breeze blowing....really lightens up the day.

  8. My sentiments exactly,karan. Rain shouldn't be so less so as to cause droughts and not too much to cause floods, especially in mumbai...

    And ya, the best weather is with light rain, and cool breeze blowing

  9. well...i don lik to get wet in da rain...i njoy it staying indoors....i lov to paint wen pours out side...its sets da mood so rite...sipping coffee n looking out of da window...sum tyms i stand in ma balcony wid da umbrella wen its raining :) i listen to ma fav music n read sumting nyc...